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Cloud-based and
compatible with both
Windows and Mac OS

SayIt Works Anywhere, Anytime with Virtually Any Device

What you get with SayIt is a solution that’s simple, affordable and easy to set up. With SayIt, you get features you really need, without paying for those you’ll likely never use. You get support for Meaningful Use requirements through real-time dictation and automation of your clinical workflow.

What you don’t get is the pain of hours spent at your computer installing software and training a new system.
Even better, SayIt requires no dedicated hardware, and you can pay monthly vs. making a large upfront investment.

SayIt is truly “EMR Friendly”
SayIt is designed to work seamlessly with any EMR, both desktop and web-based! It’s especially well-suited for use with popular web-based applications like Athena Health™, Care Cloud™, eClinical Works™, NextGen™, and Practice Fusion™. SayIt also can work effectively within most Citrix™ and VMWare™ virtualized environments. Use powerful SayIt shortcuts to insert and update templates, access external websites and much more.

Talk to a SayIt reseller about a 30-day, no-risk trial of SayIt, and see for yourself the difference it can make for your organization. Get connected with a SayIt reseller.


Solid Alternate to Nuance DNS Medical for Real-Time Speech Recognition.

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SayIt has expedited my record-keeping and charting. The macros have helped me minimize my keystrokes.

Dr. James McGlynn, MD

Premier Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine 


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Is Exclusively

Endorsed by the AHA

In 2011, SayIt received the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association for speech recognition.

Read the AHA Endorsement

nVoq's SayIt speech recognition helps hospitals streamline processes and capture information quickly and efficiently.

Anthony Burke, President & CEO

AHA Solutions, Inc.

How Works

Secure, Scalable Data Capture

SayIt can be accessed wherever there’s an Internet connection. SayIt audio is captured "real-time" using a microphone, mobile phone, or through a digital recorder. This audio travels through the Internet to the SayIt-hosted servers, where it’s converted to text and returned back directly for permanent storage into the system of record. All data is encrypted with full audit trails.

SayIt is hosted in highly secure U.S.-based third-party datacenter facilities that fully comply with HIPAA and PCI standards. These environments are regularly reviewed and tuned to provide 99.5% uptime for our customers. Public and private cloud-based hosting options are also available.

Speech-to-Text in Seconds

Simply direct the cursor where you would normally type and “say it” while pressing a designated hotkey on the keyboard, mouse or microphone. Within seconds, text appears directly on the screen – stored permanently within the EMR or other application. No cut-and-paste!



Easy to Learn and Use

Most users can be productive within an hour of being trained on SayIt. Because there is no desktop software to install, setup and configuration can be managed behind the scenes by qualified SayIt administrators.

Powerful Deployment &
Management Tools

For larger organizations, the optional SayIt Administrative Console provides comprehensive capabilities that can be managed by IT or other qualified SayIt administrators.

This cloud-based product is available for a nominal fee and does not require any additional software or network overhead.

One Voice Profile Does It All

With SayIt, unlike other products, the same voice profile can be used to support free-form dictations, shortcuts, and traditional transcription processing. There's no need to create multiple versions - so providers can work in whatever mode is most comfortable and convenient for them at the time.

Automate It!

Use SayIt’s powerful automation tools, included in your subscription price, to record and execute keyboard sequences in your EMR! Automate login, navigation, drop-down menus and other data entry requirements. Capture keystrokes AND mouse clicks to streamline workflow even more.

SayIt: the Sensible Solution

The SayIt flexible subscription pricing is a fraction of the cost of other solutions, with no annual maintenance fees.

While SayIt is a great alternative for physicians, it is also much more affordable for a broad range of users; including nurses, nurse-practitioners, case managers and other healthcare professionals.


Partner-Friendly Business Model

We Don't Compete for your Customers

Unlike some companies, nVoq does not employ a direct sales force competing with its resellers for healthcare customers. nVoq neither owns nor has any plans to sell medical transcription services. We do not interfere in partner decisions about who to sell to, or limit how many units can be sold. Nor do we require upfront financial investment to become a SayIt reseller.

Our Business Development team focuses on helping resellers quickly get up to speed with the required knowledge to sell and deploy the SayIt solution, either as a standalone service or as part of their own applications portfolio. We're here to support you in building a successful SayIt practice.

Support for End-to-End Workflow

SayIt is also available to partners as an embedded service, to voice-enable applications such as batch transcription. This allows support of integrated end-to-end workflow for those organizations that wish to utilize free-form dictation as well as traditional transcription services.

SayIt is also ideally suited for use with electronic business forms. SDK Support for Windows, iOS and Android is currently available.

Build Your Business with
Voice-Enabled Job Aids

Help your customers adapt to the challenges of EMR adoption with a variety of powerful automation tools that capture both mouse clicks and keystroke sequences. We give you the foundation to build customized command and control capabilities around each EMR you sell or support, creating differentiation for your practice.

Use SayIt to unlock the power of underutilized EMR macros and simplify complex data entry requirements.

Flexible Hosting Options

For those enterprise customers requiring an internally-hosted solution, we offer the option of private and public cloud-based hosting. This option is also available for application developers who wish to bundle SayIt with another self-hosted solution.

Please see our Partner Resources page for more information or contact us at

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Talking About 

At nVoq Healthcare, we know our partners and customers have options when it comes to speech recognition solutions. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why nVoq is the sensible solution for your organization.

Debbi Gillotti, VP Healthcare & Marketing

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As an RN and Informatics Specialist, I've seen first-hand the challenges clinical environments have in capturing timely, accurate data at the point of care. I'm personally very excited about the impact SayIt's cloud-based platform can have in optimizing workflow around EMRs, forms like OASIS, and much more.

Chad Hiner, RN, MS
Director, Healthcare Industry Solutions

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Demystifying Speech Recognition — How it Works

After you have used computer-based speech recognition for a while, it is natural to wonder "How does it work?" When it does something unexpected, you will likely ask "Where did that come from?" In a new white paper titled "Demystifying Speech Recognition," I have identified four key steps describing how speech recognition works in an ideal world.

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For IT Leaders

Minimize adoption risk and investment by choosing SayIt for your organization. SayIt is simple to deploy and support.

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Support for Virtualized Desktops

SayIt = Less IT Overhead

  • Centralized administration
  • Minimal client requirements
  • Compatible with most virtualized desktops
  • Configure once — deploy to many!

While most customers prefer to utilize nVoq's highly secure U.S.-hosted infrastructure, public and private cloud hosting options are also available.

How to Buy

SayIt is sold to healthcare organizations and individual providers through channel partners. Click the link below to find out more.


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Healthcare - FAQ

Can I use SayIt with my EMR or Practice Management System?

SayIt works as a speech overlay technology alongside business applications including Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs). Simply launch the SayIt cloud-based client, direct your cursor where you would like to insert text, and speak your notes.  Spoken words will be converted to text and stored directly in the EMR or other system or reecord..  Or, use SayIt voice commands to navigate and populate discrete data fields. If an application can accept a "cut-and-paste" command to enter text, it should be compatible with  SayIt. Please contact Support with any specific questions about your application.

Is SayIt embedded within any EMRs?

SayIt operates independently of any one EMR vendor, so the application can be used with an EMR as well as with other desktop applications. While no integration is required to use SayIt effectively, an SDK is available for Windows and iOS for deeper workflow integration. 


SayIt can be accessed by devices running Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX. An Internet connection is required for real-time use. Multiple form factors are available for mobile users.

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, and 8, or  Mac® OS X 10.9
  • Approved audio device and sound card
  • Internet access
  • CPU: Intel-compatible 1 GHz+ Processor
  • RAM: 128 MB Runtime
  • Disk Space: 20 MB
  • 32-bit or 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or higher

Network Requirements

  • Internet Bandwidth: 64 Kbps per user when dictating
  • Peak Bandwidth/30 users: 1.9 Mbps
  • Average Bandwidth/30 users: .4 Mbps

Audio Input Devices

nVoq regularly reviews and rigorously tests dictation devices for compatibility with the SayIt solution. The devices listed below have been approved for use with SayIt.


These devices provide optimal levels of audio quality and are continually tested with SayIt.


Device Type Manufacturer Model Use when ...
Headset USB Plantronics Blackwire C310/C320 Clinician desires handsfree
Headset USB Jabra UC 150 Clinician desires handsfree

Hand Mics

The following devices have been tested and also provide an acceptable level of transcription accuracy.


Device Type Manufacturer Model Use when ...
Handheld USB Mic Philips SpeechMike III Pro LFH-3200 Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard
Handheld USB Mic Dictaphone PowerMic II Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard
Handheld USB Mic Philips SpeechMike III Premium LFH3500 Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard
Handheld USB Mic Philips SpeechMike II Classic Plus Clinician needs legacy device support
Handheld USB Mic Dictaphone PowerMic I Clinician needs legacy device support
Handheld USB Mic Olympus Directrec DR-1200 Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard
Handheld USB Mic Olympus Directrec DR-2200 Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard
Handheld USB Mic Olympus Directrec DR-2300 Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard
Handheld USB Mic Grundig Digta SonicMic II USB Classic Clinician desires to control dictation without touching keyboard

Wireless & Other

The following devices have been tested and also provide an acceptable level of transcription accuracy.


Device Type Manufacturer Model Use when ...
Headset Wireless DECT Jabra Pro 930 Clinician desires wireless with PC connectivity
Headset Wireless DECT Plantronics Savi 430 Clinician desires wireless with USB dongle PC connectivity
Desktop Mic USB SpeechWare 6-in-1 TableMike Clinician desires handsfree in a generally quiet environment
Desktop Mic Analog SpeechWare 2-in-1 TableMke Clinician desires handsfree in a generally quiet environment
Desktop Mic VEC SoundTech GN-USB Clinician desires handsfree in a generally quiet environment
Desktop Mic InSync Buddy Desktop Clinician desires handsfree in a generally quiet environment
Foot Pedal VEC Infinity IN-USB-2 w/ NCH Pedable Clinician or transcriptionist would like foot pedal control
Mouse Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Clinician desires hotkey control without the keyboard
External Analog Olympus ME52W Clinician desires handsfree with mobility such as a laptop or cart
External Analog IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast Clinician desires handsfree, iPad, iTouch, or iPhone external mic
Desktop Flexy Mic USB SpeechWare TravelMike Clinician desires handsfree and mobility in a generally quiet environment

Bluetooth headsets are not recommended for use with SayIt at this time. From our testing, most Bluetooth headsets introduce noise artifacts that create a noticeable impact on speech accuracy. We continue to monitor industry developments in this area. If you have any questions about devices please contact us at

Healthcare Product Info

SayIt in Healthcare. SayIt's cloud-based solution can be used with both Windows and Mac OSX EMRs. Read more about the benefits of SayIt and why it was exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

SayIt for Hospitals
SayIt for Your Practice

SayIt: Not Just for Doctors. SayIt is easy to use, easy to learn and easy for nursing staff to implement!

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OASIS/Home Healthcare. Complete OASIS and other frequently used forms in a fraction of the time it takes to type.

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SayIt Voice-Enabled EMR Charting with OptumHealth's Optum PM and Physician EMR

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OASIS Voice-Enabled Form Completion with SayIt Demo 1

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